Women with HG and Pre-pregnancy Hypoglycemia

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Women with HG and Pre-pregnancy Hypoglycemia

Postby SEW » Apr 10, 2013 4:01 pm

I read the article on hypoglycemia by Richard Podell, M.D., which originally appeared in the April 1997 issue of Nutrition Science News and accessed via the H.E.R. Foundation website (http://www.helpher.org/hyperemesis-gravidarum/complications/hypoglycemia.php).

It explains why I've always had the extreme symptoms associated with hypoglycemia but have always had "normal" blood sugar when tested. According to Podell, it is my adrenaline and cortisol levels spiking to keep my blood sugar from dropping, and the increase in these levels are vast enough (compared to a controlled reaction) to cause my symptoms. Before listing this article, this page on the H.E.R. Foundation website leads into how hypoglycemic complications may arise from HG. The only way I discovered I could control my hypoglycemia before being pregnant was to eat a high protein, low sugar, low carb diet (i.e. Carlton Fredericks). As we all know, high amounts of protein are not good for the kidneys of HG suffers, and we are ultimately left nibbling on carbs (i.e. crackers, dry toast, etc.) and sugary foods (i.e. juices, fruits, etc.).

The complication about which H.E.R. describes and to which I have not found an answer is managing HG with a prior history of hypoglycemia/hypoglycemic symptoms. I am taking Zofran to control the vomiting, and Unisom has taken the edge off of the nausea. However, I can still feel my blood sugar/adrenaline/cortisol going through these vicious, heart-pounding, faint-feeling, ear-ringing, hypoglycemic cycles, because I am living off of mostly crackers and juice. I am curious to know where a good balance would be between this and the recommended diet of higher protein to control these levels while continuing to alleviate HG symptoms and avoid kidney problems. Using myself as a subject, what symptoms could I use to gauge (maybe as a control) for the right balance? (e.g. What symptoms might I show if my kidneys are getting too much protein?)

Has anyone heard of or personally experienced a diet that balances the two?
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