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United HealthCare insurance

Postby Thisbattymom » Nov 01, 2011 7:19 pm

:D I am delighted to report that united healthcare has been exceptionally helpful with managing my HG! This is a bazillion times better than the coverage I had last pregnancy. :o
They have provided care w/ minimal complication at a reasonable rate. I have been able to get all the meds I need. Visits to the ER are simple> no copay to deal with= I get in, get what I need, & walk out when done. I have support from their 'healthy pregnancy' program in the form of books, web-based forum, nurseline, etc. I can use a 10% discount from the book store online for pregnancy related materials (& discounts from other online stores). They are helping with a daily support call & access to inhome nurse for IV (& zofran pump). I got to choose both Dr & hospital (with the exception of midwife or doula which would be 'out of pocket'). They provide all the anticipated L&D care I wanted: including lactation consultant, option to circ, anesthesia or natural birthing options, etc.
All the bills have been processed swiftly, typically by the end of the month, so our accounts stay current & it doesnt hit our credit score (BCBS wreked havoc with our finances for as much as *3* years after the original bills were filed).

:idea: If you can get United Healthcare, do so. It really is worth it. :)
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Postby takla » Jan 14, 2012 11:31 pm

I'm so glad you had a good experience! I've also heard some claim horror stories in the past, which makes it all the sweeter when everything goes smoothly. I've heard good things about United's health insurance, although I've only had their dental insurance. I'm glad your pregnancy went well! Congratulations!
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