medicaid fears

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medicaid fears

Postby garnet » Oct 28, 2011 3:46 pm

I was approved for medicaid during my pregnancy. My son and I are approved through December. Good thing, since I take $2k of prescription meds a month (generic), and he spent 3 months in two NICUs.

Anyway. The lady says max income is something like $429 a month for a family of 3, for me to get renewed. Wow. I think we're below the poverty line, but not THAT far.

I *think* my son has better odds of staying on, since he's an infant... but I don't know, the website won't come up, and I am tired of leaving messages and not getting called back.

My husband and I share a house with my mother, but they said we don't need to include her in our household size.
If my husband and I separate, I will have zero income. It's a realistic possibility the way things are going. Anyone know if that could actually help me out in this situation?

The hard thing is, dh might have to stay in the house, because our son is so ill and we can't be taking him back and forth. It would become a bizarre roommate situation.

If they take my son off - I don't know, his care is impossibly expensive, we don't have it. We just don't.

If they take me off, I am going to be awfully sick. Dh does not have an insurance option at work, and he doesn't make enough to buy our own policy.

Any thoughts? :(
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