Insurance stress (rant, more than anything)

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Insurance stress (rant, more than anything)

Postby garnet » Apr 23, 2011 2:15 pm

I was on my ex husbands plan. It was a good HMO. He decides to drop me, okay fine, he gave me notice, I got on medicaid.

All along, I asked the employer, as well as the insurance, if he decides to randomly drop me, does it just stop that day? Does anything else happen? I felt safe since I asked so many times.

Now that it *has* happened, they inform me that they are having my termination of coverage date be back on either Jan or Feb 31st (the dang woman said both), which was annual enrollment, and I am responsible for retro paying cobra. At a rate of $475.31 for each month.
Omg? O_O The option is to not take cobra of course, and just pay out of pocket for everything the insurance covered in that time... like bottle after bottle of $2k for 28 pills of Kytril.

So now, I need to somehow find $1500 (it didn't sound like I could make payments, which is just SUPER since I have no bloody income, can't get a loan due to unemployment, can't exactly WORK right now.. and this will be due the week of my due date), and make sure I don't screw up, and make sure they understand I am only paying for back payments, nothing for NOW, I am happy with Medicaid now, I don't want to pay cobra one cent more than I have to.

It's taken the stupid employer two weeks to notify the insurance that I was dropped. In that time, all Medicaid heard was that I still had the insurance. So that meant no doctor, no medicine. I'm still waiting for the clear to USE Medicaid.

Meanwhile, the insurance and my doctors office are in battle, insurance says the doctor is not covered, my doctor says oh yes she is. Countless phone calls insurance has said yes she is, yet, for about four months I've been getting huge bills, then I call, they say she isn't covered... they check, say she IS, they will fix it, a month passes, I get another bill.

I am SO STRESSED. But I thank you for reading through my long rant. This has already landed me a night in L&D, my bp flew up and contractions started... I don't even know how to calm down, this is just so not what I need in my last weeks of pregnancy. Awful HG filled pregnancy. -_-
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Postby mrsmom » Jun 09, 2011 3:41 pm

I haven't looked into it in a few years .. but might want to check and see if medicaid will pay backwards 3 months.

I know in California at least that used to be the case. They would just need to be clear that you didn't have insurance at that time, and then they would pay retroactive medical costs.

Not sure how that would work with the confusion regarding when you were discontinued. .And you would probably want to find out if your meds /dr would have been covered by Medicaid in the first place, before you pay the COBRA, because once that is paid it is probably too late.
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Postby aaronsmommy » Jun 09, 2011 6:09 pm

Yes, check to see if Medicaid will cover retroactively if you change the date you lost insurance. It will probably still be a PITA.

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Postby teddi » Jun 10, 2011 12:04 am

You need to call your caseworker and see if they can do the 3 months (they can do 1 month, 2 months or 3 months... they will only go retro back 3 months if you need it to). Do it ASAP. Talk it over w/your worker and see if there is anyway you can get that to go thru. Then you would need to decline the COBRA, not elect it.
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