need part-time evening work ideas...

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need part-time evening work ideas...

Postby nikkibee » Apr 19, 2011 2:39 pm

hey ladies,

i'm feeling stuck. i am still employed at my call center job, which i haven't been to since september due to being out on disability for HG. my maternity leave ends in about 2 weeks. :/

hubby and i have decided that it will be feasible for me to work part time evenings/weekends in order to stay home with the baby during the day (when he gets home from NICU). the problem is, i can't think of many places to do that kind of work! i applied at several grocery stores for cashier work and at babies r us (who emailed me right back and denied me, weird!)

do any of you have any suggestions of places i could apply? i desperately want to avoid sending my preemie to daycare.
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