HG Support App idea - thoughts?

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HG Support App idea - thoughts?

Postby LB » Feb 27, 2015 9:55 am

I'm not sure where to post this so I might post in a couple of forums...?

Hi all!

It's been almost 5 years since I've posted here. Can't actually believe i've been away that long!! I was living in Sweden at the time, so much has changed :) I'm an Irish girl living now in Frisco, about 25 mins outside Dallas, TX. I'm a stay at home mum to 3 kids (Lauren is 8, Cillian is 4 and Ryan is trouble...I mean 3). I was living in Ireland during my first pregnancy and my HG went untreated. It was the most horrendous time, and I still cant think on it too long without feeling ill and upset. On the two boys we were living in Sweden at that stage, I had very good care and my HG was controlled which made things bearable.

Anyway, fast forward a few years and my Husbands work has taken us State side :) We've been here 18 months and enjoying every minute. We've no plans to leave. I was talking with my him the other night about App's as he is setting up his own website and thinking of trying App development and was picking my brain for ideas. I thought of a HG Support App and really wanted to get any feedback/comments/ideas from those of you who have been through this miserable condition.....

It's wonderful that there is gradually more and more HG awareness these days, and subsequently from here I see there are support groups, which is fantastic! But what about those who are housebound (a majority of sufferers) and need to reach out. I am thinking back on my own lonely experiences. I would be alone in the house, ill, miserable, unbearably sick, when all of a sudden I think, think, maybe I could bare to eat some watermelon....now this urge would probably have a window of about an hour when I'd go back to being unable to swallow my own saliva!!! But my thoughts are this (and I hope i'm explaining this ok!), say you are alone during the day and you had access to an APP that allowed you to be in contact with volunteers in your area....maybe even like a whats-app group, and you send out an instant message like "Is there anyone in my area free to bring me some watermelon?!!" :o
It could maybe even be linked to Google earth and you could see a map like with Uber, blue pins of volunteers near you....
Now this is just an example, it wouldn't necessarily have to be for emergency watermelon :D But perhaps someone really down could do with a visit. I know I would've given anything for that. My husbnad was great, my family were ok, but during the day he was at work and my friends and family had to get on with their lives too so most days I would live between the bed/couch and toilet with just the TV for company.

I'm just throwing out this idea so see what comments you might have. Maybe something like this exists, I don't know! But if it didn't, I know I would just love to be able to help someone suffering with HG, the daily support I would've loved to have access to.

Let me know your thoughts! Thanks :)


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