HG put into words

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HG put into words

Postby flyfreelexi » Dec 11, 2013 2:54 pm

I was afraid to share this poem at first. I was afraid people would think I am crazy, depressed and dramatic. But then I realized how silly that is, because HG DOES make you crazy. It is dark, depressing and dramatic. This is honesty. I gained the courage to share in hopes that other HG moms will be able to better communicate the very real and scary things we face to those who don't understand.
♡ Love to all sufferers.
- Lexi

Eaten and starved.

Before it started I was a whole person. A full person. A being with a life outside of my own mind. Felt indestructible. Alive.
Suddenly, it crept in. Seeping into the cracks and seems. Creating chasms and voids which never existed before.
It began to eat.
To eat my body, deteriorate my flesh, my muscle, my organs.
Snatching up my instincts which keep my body functioning. The will to eat, the ability to replenish my self. Ferociously feasting on all that is me, leaving me to wilt and waste.
To eat my mind, gnawing and mashing and grinding. Ripping away all that I had perceived as normal.
To eat my hope. My ability to look at each day with bright eyes and a fighting heart. Choking my inner sunshine with the smog and pollution of fear and hatred.
To eat my life. Creating differences, things people close to me have never experienced. And could never fathom. Taking away simple pleasures, ripping apart the things I know, the things about life I love.
It devours me. Consumes me in every aspect.
Tearing all that I am into shreds, as easily as a razor rips through paper.
It cuts at my will to live, relentlessly whispering demented nothings into my ears, filling my head with death and dying, fear and hopelessness. Over encumbering my soul with darkness.
Trapping me in a prison of flesh and bones.
An inescapable nightmare of living death.

Hyperemesis Gravidarum.

By Alexis M. Gallaway
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Re: HG put into words

Postby flyfreelexi » Dec 11, 2013 2:56 pm

Anyone who would like to share, please do! All I ask is that I'm sited as the author, please. :)
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Re: HG put into words

Postby haneeya » Mar 23, 2015 11:54 pm

I opened up an online boutique last fall. I make a variety of hand-made baby/toddler/children items. I have decided to donate a portion of my sales to the HER Foundation. If you place an order- and mention HER/HG/etc in the comments section of your order- I will donate a portion of your sale to the HER Foundation.
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Re: HG put into words

Postby KatieGerard » Nov 10, 2015 1:01 pm

Hey everyone,

I have a severe form of HG which started at 5 weeks, I am 12.5 weeks by now. I know how miserable you feel and some people tend to think that you make up everything and try to be dramatic. Today I made a short poem about HG, which is not professional of course, but opens up my feelings about this disease. God bless you all!

Devoted to HG sufferers by Katerina Gerard.

My sisters in sorrow, HG sufferers,
Today we are binded, connected, united.
God sent us happiness shared with sickness
How to fight it, survive it and beat it?

You are unheard, misunderstood, mistreated
And feeling rejected,
Darkness and loneliness live in your room,
Fear of being disconnected.

HG has nailed you on the bed
And tightened his metall chain.
He thinks he got you by the throat
So you're in his domain.

To beat this enemy is hard
But you are stronger, smarter!
You'll win the fight, don't be afraid
With every day you're tougher!

I promise you friends we'll be able to live,
Enjoying the walks hereafter,
The battle will end
With a bundle of joy, happiness, tears and laughter.
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